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Blair Wiggins

Fly Fishing Xtreme is proud to announce the newest member of Team Xtreme!! Captain Blair Wiggins. Blair is the host of ADDICTIVE FISHING!! (But you know that if you live on this planet) Blair will be the pro staff for our Shark Tooth Saltwater Models. This guy is a Fishing Machine!! If there’s a big fish swimming near by he will be sure to set steel to his beek. I had the pleasure of meeting this awesome angler at ICAST last year Blair is one of the most humble dudes I’ve had the pleasure to talk to in years. Blair also loves the Shark Tooth. I was told by Blair we (Fly Fishing Xtreme) should have won last years best product award at ICAST he doesn’t leave his house without this one of a kind Spool Management System. I talked to Blair about the shark tooth these were his comments.

“It’s the best invention to hit the fishing industry in years.”

“It’s the best invention to hit the fishing industry in years. It’s the simplicity of the product.”, he added. All you do is put the line through the eyelet snap the band around the spool and your set. No more fluorocarbon uncoiling right in front of your eyes no more reaching for scissors. Simply wrap the amount of line around the front of the tooth put your thumb on the rest pull back and cut. The Shark Tooth has a razor blade capable of cutting 80lb Fluorocarbon like butter Braid is no match for the tooth as well. Embedded in a plastic cutter housing is a safety conscious Stainless Steel Razor Blade (No Rust). In my opinion this is a must have product if you fish. If you don’t have some of these babies on your spools get out to your nearest dealer and take the Shark Tooth for a spin!! You won’t be disappointed!! So what are ya waiting for The Shark Tooth Spool Management System is swimming to a store near you.

Blair Wiggins for Shark Tooth

The Shark Tooth is the first spool tender on the market that is equipped with a highly functional cutter. No more searching for the end of the line, no more line unraveling off your spool, no more fumbling around for nippers, and no more bird nests. The Shark Tooth was reviewed at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show (September 2009) as one of the most innovative products of 2010.

SharkTooth now at Seaguar

Shark Tooth now at Seaguar