Team Xtreme

Spawned from a elite family group of Northern and Southern California fisherman, with a long and valued angling history, comes TEAM XTREME; considered by many to be one of the world’s finest fly-fishing teams to have ever laced up a rod. Whether fishing freestone mountain streams to saltwater flats, Team Xtreme has one unified mission, to cover the globe and catch trophy fish.

The core of Team Xtreme is composed of 5 anglers who were born and bred for extreme fishing at extreme locations. They include:

  • Bobby Brown TroutBobby “Brown Trout” (aka BBT) is the founder of Fly Fishing Xtreme and is the heart and soul of Team Xtreme. Possessed with an intense focus on the art of angling, BBT is rarely found off of the water. A Northern California transplant to southwestern Montana, BBT decided long ago to deviate from tradition and take fly fishing to the “Xtreme” level.
  • Jake StimulateJake “Stimulate”, the Captain of Team Xtreme, began fishing at an early age and consistently maintains a high level of focus and commitment to fighting and landing the target species. A Southern California native, Stimulate has fished most of the western hemisphere, is proficient on any body of water, and never, ever lets the big one get away.
  • Jesse The SharkJesse “The Shark” is the co-founder of Fly Fishing Xtreme and is a killing machine with a fly rod. From the Montana to Patagonia, and everywhere in between, The Shark is considered a deadly predator who always lands high numbers of trophy fish. Another So. Cal. native, The Shark is always on the hunt for large fish, as well as for tall cocktails back at the lodge.
  • Brett Rock and RollBrett “Rock and Roll” is Team Xtreme’s resident salt water expert. As a Southern California native, “RnR” has mastered the ways of kayak fishing set forth by the local native American Indians. Stealth and maneuverability of a kayak have only added to the skills possessed by “RnR”. Whether in tight to the kelp or miles offshore, “RnR” feels just at home on a 12-foot piece of plastic as he does on a 60-foot power yacht. His quiver consists both of fly and conventional rods. In recent years, “RnR” has also honed his fly fishing skills on the inland side of the coast in order to conquer all of the prime freshwater species. Known for always landing trophy fish, some claim he even invented the rum and coke.
  • Justin Balls DeepJustin “Balls Deep” is the newest member of Team Xtreme but by no means should be considered a rookie. A life-long fisherman residing in So. Cal., Balls Deep is a deadly stick when on the water. An engineer by trade, Balls Deep is calm and calculating in the hunt for big fish in both local and exotic locations. But don’t let his poise fool you as you can’t be a member of Team Xtreme without being able to set steel to the beak of a large trout or billfish followed by a night-long party!